Here Come the Woodies

The 2008 Woodies are almost upon us. For those of you who don't know, the Woodie Awards is mtvU's big event of the year. It's a super fun, smarty pants, indie verison of the VMAs but better because the performances are always stellar, the award is a literal piece of wood, and the whole get-up fits inside the Roseland Ballroom (barely). I'm not sure how most big shows go down, but the Woodies always ends up being a blast. 

My first Woodies was in 2006 when Beck and TV on the Radio performed. It was tight. Beck had a puppet on stage. I was working in the Art Department and I snuck my brother into the show and we drank beers by the DJ Booth. In 2007, Rilo Kiley and Spank Rock performed and I was shooting the event. No beer, but one of Spank Rock's strippers gave me some of her wine. Not my proudest moment. This year, there's a metric shitload of performers. Vampire Weekend, Lykke Li, All Time Low and Santogold. And maybe more. And this time I'm creating the stage visuals for EVERY performance. It's gonna be amazing!

I'm currently designing projections for each song; it'll end up being over an hour of animation. 

Once the show airs, I'll put up some work. In the meantime, vote for who you want to win a Woodie. That's right, this aint no industry awards show. You pick the winners (and you can vote a LOT). The awards go down on November 11th and it airs the 19th. Sorry, I can't sneak you in. The security got nasty. 

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