Recession Forces Pepsi to Become Korean Airline

We all know that huge companies tend to rebrand during crucial belt-tightening periods. A little facelift boosts consumer confidence. KFC and Best Buy just did it. And now Pepsi done did it too! Allegedly the redesign ran just over a mil, which is actually pretty reasonable for monster companies (look up the CBS eye logo if you want to barf dollar signs), but the cost of activating this new logo onto cans and bottles, trucks, machines, menus, stationary etc. globally... hundreds of millions.

Good thing they didn't just turn the circle and push the red and blue a little closer together.  

What kind of timeline are we looking at for worldwide Nu-Pepsi logo integration? Here's a hint: Taco Bell (once owned by PepsiCo) rebranded in 1994 still hasn't updated its logo in half of its restaurants in the US.