Totally Still in Hawaii

Don't get me wrong because you guys are super cool and stuff but why does everyone here always want me to call them? <rimshot so loud everyone's head explodes>

So we all know what it is. But what have you been calling this little hand gesture, because I've been calling it Cowabunga basically my whole life and inexplicably, I also thought I sort of invented it. Or maybe co-invented it with the Turtles, I guess. But um. I didn't. And it's not called Hang Loose either. It's called the Shaka (not to be confused with the Shocker) and it is used all the time by everyone to mean pretty much everything.

The Shaka sign is easily used and understood to mean cool, agreed, and other general all good type sentiments. It can also be used to convey hello and goodbye. Additionally:

  • What's up
  • Nothing much, you?
  • Yes and also No
  • Let's eat Spam
  • Your sister's hot
  • Heeeeeeeey
  • Pepperoni, but only on half
  • Newsies is one of my favorite movies
  • I will literally murder you
  • Student Discount
  • I'm missing my index, middle and ring finger on this hand
  • Cryps
  • Yo, I think that's the same guy from before
  • I'm asleep
  • You're fired / hired
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Call me
  • No, James is my brother; I'm Sean
  • Hang Loose as well as Tight
  • Good luck on Tuesday
  • Legalize it
  • 22-36-11 and the handle sticks a little bit
  • Check, please
  • Purple
  • Cowabunga
  • What time is it?
  • Quarter after 3
  • Shit, I gotta go
  • Why? For her? You guys broke up already
  • Things are still kinda fragile and I honestly want us to be cool 
  • But she-
  • I know
  • Then why-