Keep Shoes are Stupid Cool & Mostly for Girls

I love it when someone has a personal issue with something and ends up starting a company as a remedy. Like when Dean Kamen built a stair-climbing wheelchair for his disabled mom (and later the Segway for San Diego mall cops), or when Bob Coke was like, "I want some sweet brown water to drink with this hot dog," or when Maximus Lunchables was all, "PB&J is dead. Kids want crackers and mutherfuckin' cheese."

Or like when Una Kim saw that the only options for her feet were boys' 4.5's or hot pink Nike Divas and was like, "I'm making my own damn sneakers starting now."

Three years ago she co-founded Keep with her homegirl and they've got the sweetest shoes ever. They're cute, somewhat unisex, cruelty free (that's animals as well as factory workers) and affordable. How does she do it? Who cares. Go

I got three pairs which admittedly are way too small. Their sizing chart for dudes skews tiny so aim a size higher, bros. And holler if you want some 9.5ish size jammers. Otherwise these hot little bitches are going to Beacon's and making a korean girl really happy.