Chris Dane Owens is For Real

Chris Dane Owens is so freakin' For Real, he embodies no fewer than six different dudes in his music video for Shine On Me. I can't stop watching it. Without ruining too much, here's a few of the key ingredients:

  • Chris Dane Owens x6
  • Castles
  • Evil Sirens
  • Dragons
  • Assorted Swashbuckling / Swordplay
  • An Emerald Guitar
  • The Concept of Reincarnation, I think
  • Sculpted Body Armor
  • A Pirate Ship
  • Dr. Doom from Fantastic Four
  • Stallions
  • Fair Maidens Galore
  • Explosions
  • An Alligator
  • The Mustache / Soul Patch Power Combo
  • Crystals
  • Ghosts
  • Stone Henge

Owens has the rare ability to maintain eye contact with the camera (you) for crazy long. Steve Perry of Journey can also do this, but when Steve does it you sort of just feel like his girlfriend. When Chris Dane Owens looks at you, you end up... I dunno... you feel like the ocean.