Start a Club

Last November I started a Mix Club. I invited 11 people to join me in what my brother called the most low-tech endeavor ever: CDs in the mail. The idea is there's 12 months and 12 people involved. Each person is assigned a month of the year and when their month comes, they make a mix and mail it to the 11 other members. Everyone wins with a dope ass CD every month! This is an idea I stole from my friend Michael. I did not invite him to be in the club.

It's been almost a full year and I've accumulated some rad music, some lovely original album art/packaging, and a pretty good idea of what my friends listen to when they boink. Or at least what they listen to on the subway when they think about boinking. 

When you give the gift of music to someone, do you give them music you think they'll like or do you give them music you think they should have? This club has seen CDs emblematic of both methods and I can't really say which mix philosophy I prefer.  I can definitely say I favor the Hot Jams School of Thought. 

This is a plea for you non-club-starters to start your own Mix Club. It's wicked easy, extremely low maintenance, and it's so fun to get CDs in the mail! The club basically runs itself with a couple group e-mails. And the best part is you can be in more than one Mix Club at a time. We can't rely on the iTunes free weekly download to inform us of the new hotness and radio is stuck in 2005 so come on. Be a criminal and burn some CDs. My Mix Club self-destructs at the end of October, so if you start one, why not invite me to be one of your 12?  Love you.