Yo Call This Guy

ring, ring, ring...

Sticky Mike's Representative: "What."

Patrick: "Hi."

SMR: "What?"

Patrick: "Hi."

SMR: "What?"

Patrick: "Hi."

SMR: "Who dis."

Patrick: "It's Patrick. Is this Sticky Mike?"

SMR: "Nah."

Patrick: "Could you please put Sticky Mike on? I have a question about his sticker."

SMR: "What's the question."

Patrick: "Is this Sticky Mike?"

SMR: "... Yeah."

Patrick: "Hi. Is that you on the sticker?"

SMR: "What sticker."

Patrick: "Nevermind. Do you sell a product or service?"

SMR: "Are you a cop, cuz you have to-"

Patrick: "No."

SMR: "I sell a lot of things."

Patrick: "Do you sell DVDs?"

SMR: "Maybe."

Patrick: "Do you sell leafy green DVDs that I can roll up and smoke?"

SMR: "Hell yeah."

Patrick: "Nevermind. I'm looking for the Bourne Trilogy."

SMR: "Wait, for real?"

Patrick: "Well, it's like 60 bucks at Virgin."

SMR: "... Are you for real?"

Patrick: "When it comes to contemporary action I am very real."

SMR: "Aight. Uh, sorry."

Patrick: "It's OK. Bye."

hang up.

So I'll give you five dollars if you call Sticky Mike and ask if he sells DVDs.