Orange vs. Blue: The Movie

So the poster for the remake of The Taking of Pelham 123 just came out. I hate it. Not because it's a remake and the original was awesome. I hate it because the poster follows that tired old tradition of making the good guy orange and the bad guy blue. 

Also, the train is evil and the city is good. Or maybe it's below ground is evil and above ground is good. Let's look at some others.

The theory works for ensemble casts as well. I chose not to see Any Given Sunday at all because the poster too clearly told me who was mean and who was nice. Was I right? I bet I am. Why not just call the movie The Left Side of the Poster Wins? Also, Dennis is Quaid is always nice and James Woods is always a prick, just like Denzel is always a detective and Travolta is always a pilot who hates medicine. 

Didn't see this one either, but don't tell me: Rambo tries to control the world's weather using a giant transforming satellite dish but Lava Boy and Shark Sis use a glue bazooka and stick him to- whatever, he's blue. 

This one tries to be sneaky by making two hot girls orange but one of them is secretly blue! Which one of these Bond girls is evil? Probably the one that is already starting to turn blue and not facing you like an honest person and totally not smiling like the real Bond girl. Oops, spoiler. Not really. This poster is the movie. Blue guy dies. 

LOTR always got the scale of everything wrong. Three guys can't fight all of Middle Earth. What? Viggo's orange? Oh, then hell yeah he can kill everyone. Wait, the orcs are blue right? Ok, sweet.