New Generation, New Peace Sign

You have one friend that always has Chinet plates at his BBQ. He hands you a burger all Dad-like on a Chinet and you're like, "Jesus, Greg," and then you put some chips on it and you feel ridiculous. You're pretending it's a real meal on a plate even though you have to stand and eat and you can't even hold your beer, so you're basically just a guy holding a plate. 

Some Chinets have little dividers so your baked beans don't slide into your Tostitos. And while it may be sort of helpful, you're thinking, "I'm not a child over here. I don't really care if my food touches. I'm actually going to dip my Tostitos into my beans anyway." 

That's what the new Recovery logo reminds me of. It's a Chinet plate of all the things that make America sweet and Obama's our Dad. Or Greg. 

This is also totally a peace sign. It's Peace 2.0. Lookit. It's a circle. The pie slices have little rounded corners. It says Agro and Industry and Rock On America in the gentlest way possible. It's made to be a button. And it's round like Obama. It's also a steering wheel. It's also like a pizza ordered by a bunch of picky eaters. All emblematic of USA. 

Oh damn, you know what else this is? Remember the Food Pyramid? It used to be plain and minimalist and totally fine and then Dr. Phil and the FBI and some stay-at-home dads "redesigned" it to include jogging and red wine and math and EVOO. Hey geezers, it's a Food Pyramid, not a Bucket List. is the New Food Pyramid of Peace Signs. Peace Remix. Peace, over-explained. 

In T minus 30 seconds, this logo will be featured on an XL T-shirt on St. Marks, with the WALL*E plant replaced with a pot leaf, the stars will be little Grateful Dead skulls, the URL will say 420.NOW and the gears will be like, Bob Marley smoking a blunt. It will. 

Apparently it was designed by the same peeps who did the Obama "O." For free. Take that Shepard Fairey.