Time Lapses Make Me Feel Like The Vampire Lestat

Before Bullet Time came and got everyone really into CG air battles, the standard time lapse was the one thing anyone could do to feel like a bona-fide super director guy. People are still making them and they're still as bad as they always were.

Time lapses are mostly stupid because they're usually too long which makes them, ironically, kinda boring. They're also usually really obvious and not focused on anything; it's just a bunch of things happening and a successful TL needs a focal point. So they should not be long and they definitely should not be people walking in a city or clouds or cars on the highway because I know what that looks like. Are you Morpheus explaining the concept of reality to me? Stop it. 

What I do like is a time lapse that fucks with you. 

For example, tilt-shift lenses. They're off-center of the sensor plane of your camera and they produce photos with a super shallow depth of field so everything looks like a macro of something tiny. If you time lapse that business, you're officially fucking with me in a good way. 

Also, this is rad.

These ones are cool. All the rest of you time lapse makers need to go back to time lapse school and stop doing the life cycle of a flower.