Turning a Good Trip Into a Bad Trip

This is a little open / bump for a friend's project called The Bad Trip. I think it's about people's not so good experiences on droogs and I imagine it's not terribly funny stuff. The packaging needed to illustrate the fears and dangers associated with drug abuse and when I made this, my friend's reaction was: "This looks pretty fun." 

That's because it was, son!

This footage is recycled from another project. The guy running is my old roommate Will. We shot this in 2007 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn mainly to test a janky steadicam I had but also to do some motion tracking tests. Isn't he graceful? Like a drug-addled gazelle (he was not drug-addled). A second of that test made it into the opening shot of my reel, hell yeah. 

This bump is still unfinished (maybe) and the verdict is still out on whether or not it conveys terror or "a guy on a drug-fueled odyssey." You be the judge. 

Oh yeah. Will, if you're reading this, can I use you in my don't-do-drugs graphics? Thanks!