Gypsy and Pets in Tha House

For three years I lived with a tiny seizure-prone dog named Gypsy. Even though Gypsy and I lived in the same home and essentially shared everything, she still found it necessary to bark at me every day. We didn't really get along. 

Will, her owner and my roommate at the time, thought the best idea on earth would be to make a show about her. Various roommates and friends helped and it ended up being pretty fun. I made the little intro and the cartoony bits. And a cameo. I also like how everyone in this seems a little... oblique. There's probably a reason for that. 

Episode 2 coming soon! Not really. 

Also, check this out. Gypsy has a demon state, which only my other roommate Coleman and I could see when no one else was home. It was a very rare thing to witness so this photo is extremely valuable. A complete transformation caught in film. 

Incidentally, the dude in foreground is Coleman and he is definitely eating cold SpaghettiOs out of the can.