The Real Patrick vs. Woody

A year ago Woody and I thought our home was such a novelty (two tree-houses inside a loft), it deserved its own blog. We named it Patrick vs. Woody and I think it lasted about 10 posts. For a hot minute, there was an abundance of things to document. 






And then suddenly there was nothing left in the apartment to document. So we took pictures of ourselves obscuring priceless paintings at MOMA.

Eventually PvW was abandoned to be more Internet driftwood. Really, it didn't even live up to its name. At some point there was a plan to emphasize some kind of duality / hatred / fighting themes, but it never happened. And also we weren't that different from one another. 

UNTIL NOW. I'm resurrecting Patrick vs. Woody for a very special guest post, here on Mister. Because now I have hard evidence that delineates exactly how Patrick and Woody are difs. 

Round 1. GO: