So Optimus Prime is Gonna Die Right?

Can we be real for a sec? Ok, cool. 

Transformers 2: Cruise Control opens next week and I have a sneaking suspicion our main Autobot is gonna bite the dust. And yes, I saw a spoiler: It's called The Transformers 2 Marketing Campaign. It's not really making Optimus Prime look too good. Let's take a peak at how Michael Bay & Co. are prepping audiences for Our Autobot Leader's valiant return to the big screen.

Dude, OP is getting beat down. Like a lot. He really takes a hammering in those trailers. And the posters aren't really helping. They're making him look like, well... a truck-robot, but one that's about to collapse from being beaten up by other robots.

Jesus, he's a mess!

Ok, I hear what you're saying. You're saying that this is a sequel and marketing for sequels always incorporates a hero with battle damage. Look. Spidey 2 has ouchies.

I hear you, wise friend. But Optimus Prime is severely battle damaged. Like hole-in-the-head caliber damage. Also, there's another thing that I can't seem to ignore from the trailer. Optimus has not one, but two ridiculously cool Energon Swords. I just made that up, I don't know what those swords are called. But like, you don't get a totally sweet hookup like that if you're going to win. Winning means you have to bare-knuckle your way through to the very last bad guy. Winning means you don't cheat with really awesome Voltron Swords.

This scene is going to be great. It'll be a fleeting moment of glorious Good-Guy-Is-Winning action, and then one of those Decepticons is going to toss OP into the dirt and then no more swords. Optimus Prime is going to die. 

Still don't believe me? This movie is going to have like 300 Transformers in it and someone needs to die. Also, he already died once.