Branded Censorship Will Make Us All Rich

"Two decades ago there was a fear that TV commercials would be less relevant as VCRs became ubiquitous. Today, right now, the issue is the fact, not the fear."

- Someone from Wikipedia

Ask anyone working in TV what branded content is and they'll roll their eyes and give you a speech about necessary evil. The idea of entertainment being totally funded by a company from another market - rather than a network or studio - is definitely not new but only in the last 4 or 5 years have networks and audiences openly embraced its inherently tacky (read: lazy) nature. And that's fine. Desperate and/or shoddy execution is a result of economic stress and anyway, these things go in cycles like everything else. Remember it all started this way.

The battle is still the same as it ever was. Everyone's looking for a win and networks, for their part, are looking for the next bold step in getting that bit of content paid for. And here it is, bitch.

Branded Censorship.

Swordfish is a movie about computers. The movie itself features numerous Heineken placements but the producers never actually considered a tech sponsorship. Any takers? Airs on USA.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a movie about self-conscious teens. Hello! Prey on those fears, Corporate America. Airs on TBS like everyday.

The Brown Bunny. Only stoners have seen this movie which is about something or other and then a blow job happens at the end right when it's time for a snack. IFC once or twice a month.

True Blood. A show about skinny DTF vampires. Syndicated on AMC. Eventually.

Old people, young people. Gold is timeless.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Tiny clothing and a large man. It's practically a dick joke already.

Branded censorship salvages ruined moments in programming and actually makes them a part of the viewing commentary. Such a move would bond audience with sponsor in an unprecedented way.

Oh, one more.

Don't forget: Stop into any Dunkin' Donuts for a frosty Coffee Coolatta® today.

America Runs on Dunkin'™ my trusted friends.