You Should Probably Start Reading Traditional Comics Right Now

The first snow New York had this winter was back in December on the 19th. It was on that Saturday, minutes before the first flakes fell, that Ben Marra and I stood shivering on the banks of the East River in Williamsburg shooting basically the best commercial ever made.

Mr. Marra is an illustrator and the proud owner of the recently legitimized Traditional Comics. He went to Syracuse with my brother Chris. I was really excited when Ben asked me if I could help him make a commercial. Usually working with friends is tricky because there is always a fear of not reaching their expectations or seeing eye to eye creatively. Those fears were allayed when he told me he wanted a spot that looked really seedy and poorly-produced. 

Also, he made storyboards which were nice and easy to follow.

It was so windy out the mic only picked up the howl of the spinning Earth. We re-recorded the audio indoors which worked out even better because it doesn't quite match up to his mouth and looks extra nasty. 

That's me placing a marker on the ground, wishing I had gloves. Ben originally wanted to be shirtless under his jean jacket which has an eagle on the back. 

That's Angie Sullivan, who had double duty as "Woman Hand" and "Woman Voice."

Music was made special by George of The Naked Heroes

And the little intro tune that went with the logo was by Dan Meth

For my payment Ben's going to draw me a picture of anything I want.