"Whoa, What, Oh!" - My Entire Childhood

It's no secret Disney recycled tons of animation in its movies. Give'em a break, the cartoon industry was keeping America's mind off the wars and this was before outsourcing to Korea, so you can be sure every frame of Goofy being chased by a bull was hand-painted by guys named Harvey and Marty and Dean who chain-smoked and probably never saw their kids. America. 

What I'm saying is, if they want to make Snow White into Maid Marian for the dance scene, that's fine. What's not fine is this:

How much did audio tape cost back then? What was a child actor's day rate in 1963? Not getting punched? 1963 is Mad Men times so a kid's reward was like a quarter or fish sticks or letting them make you a Manhattan. Christ Disney, it's called take 2. Your boys in the glacially slow every-frame-is-a-hand-painted-masterpiece animation department are gonna be busy for the next 6 years so why not get a couple more reads?

By the way, Wart. Loved you in Jungle Book.