Fashion While Sneezing Part 3

Mister: What have you produced recently?

Sumer: I worked on a Sour Patch Kids commercial with Method Man. 

Mister: Did you enjoy sneezing for this?

Sumer: Nope.

1. Jacket: GAP

2. Sweater: J. Crew

3. Dress: Forever 21

4. Shoes: Vintage

Mister: What's in your hand?

Nick: A Q-tip. That's how I make myself sneeze, I stick it up my nose and give it a tickle. I gotta run.

1. Hoodie: Don't remember

2. Joker T-shirt: eBay

3. Jeans: eBay

4. Boots: eBay

Mister: You're a photic. It's Greek for 'of light.' You're light sensitive. 

Patrick: Not really. I sneeze in the light, though.

Mister: It's an inherited trait. One in three people have it.

Patrick: Neat.

1. Shirt: GAP

2. Down vest: Vintage

3. Tie: Uniqlo

4. Jeans: G-Star RAW

5. Sneakers: Adidas

Mister: You have a dog now.

Tova: Yes, Marlo. He's the best.

Mister: Did you know a sneeze can travel 100 miles per hour and expel 100,000 germs into the air?

Tova: No.

1. Men's cardigan: GAP

2. Shirt: J. Crew

3. Gloves: Muji

4. Jeans: J Brand

5. Boots: Frye

Mister: Did you hear about Tova's dog?

Brian: Yeah, Marlo! He's really cute.

Mister: Who do you miss more, Tova or Harris?

Brian: Don't you want to ask me about teaching?

1. Hat: Olney 

2. Shirt: J. Crew

3. Tie: Vicky Davis NY

4. Jeans: GAP

5. Moccasins: Sketchers

Mister: You've been doing a lot of improv these days.

Woody: I have!

Mister: A sneeze can actually be considered part of the immune system. When a foreign agent, like bacteria, triggers a sneeze response, signals are sent to tightly close the throat, eyes, and mouth. Next, your chest muscles vigorously contract and your throat muscles quickly relax. As a result, air, saliva and mucus are forced out of your mouth and nose.

Woody: Thank you.

1. Wool coat (not pictured): L.L. Bean

2. Cattitude T-shirt: eBay

3. Pants: Chatuchak Flea Market, Thailand

4. Sneakers: Adidas

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