50 Reasons Why We're So Mad by Onyx

Crossover blog post! One half is by me at Mister and the other half is by Woody at The 21 Gun Salute. That is to say, both parts are by Onyx, the most furious boy band of the 90s. For some reason, they always seemed to only have one mic which meant all four dudes were perpetually wrestling one another for a chance to scream a verse. Basically the exact opposite of Wu-Tang's method which really embodied the spirit of taking turns. Onyx is what happens when you don't have a RZA figure to moderate.

If you don't quite recall how mad they - I mean we - were, re-educate yourself:


Ok. Reasons 50 - 26. Go. 

*Kirk "Sticky 'Blade' Fingaz" Jones

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