Mister is Definitely Going Down The Drain Because Now I Can Make Animated GIFs


Now I have an animated GIF'er. HO-HO-HO. 

I felt the same way when I discovered Blingee but that love affair fizzled quickly. Animated GIFs are the real deal, obviously. More than a picture, not quite a video. It's like a haiku of a video; just the meat of the message. 

On a somewhat lateral note, nothing inspires you to visualize music videos for ridiculous songs better than a night of Karaoke. When you're singing Gin Blossoms and you're watching two Korean girls dancing in a meadow and everything is negative solarized, you get to thinking: I could do that and at least 30% better.

Wait a second, I just did. Play the song below and watch my music video up above. It's The Clash's "Tommy Gun" in the key of Flattop getting murdered by Dick Tracy over and over and over again.

Thanks for remembering the song, Woods.

Hollywood Fun Fact: the guy that played Flattop is William Forsythe. He was Nic Cage's prison buddy (the one that's not John Goodman) from Raising Arizona and then he was in The Rock with Nic Cage AGAIN but as an FBI guy or something. Good shit, William!