Gladiator with Hélène


P: Dreamworks been down with Kelvin filter since day one 

H: That guy's a total Dumbledore

P: He just drove a horse from Germany to Spain in two days

H: <whisper> Gladiator

H: That African model totally fixed Gladiator's arm with herbs

P: Sucks he had to miss Fashion Week for this

H: Is that guy Judi Dench?

P: There is so much Ethnic Wailing in this!

H: This movie wrote the book on Ethnic Wailing bro

H: Wait how is Gladiator already a famous Gladiator?

P: They skipped over so much Gladiator brand building content

H: We were not entertained!

P: Everything about this man is historically inaccurate

H: Hi Blade Runner lighting 

H: This is the perfect movie!

P: Romans are so good at forming Kill Circles

H: Duh!

H: That guy looks like Snape. Like Keanu Snape.

 H: I wish all of this happened in real life. Do you think it did?

P: She looks shitty did she get bit by a snake?

H: She has a lot on her mind!

H: It's my birthday soon. Maybe we could watch this again with everyone.