Tragic Relief is Coming For You

Ryan Mazer is a funny man and a terribly dark individual. Despite having worked at The Onion and McSweeney's and a bunch of other "famous" places, Ryan ended up at Guy Code where he was relegated to carrying drives around and standing in various corners. He was a PA which I think is some kind of production shorthand for 'piece of shit.'

Mazer started a new comedy series called Tragic Relief and when he came calling, I was definitely not shocked to find out he wanted a logo portraying a mutilated man on the ground underneath a giant salt shaker. This is exactly the kind of black stuff one would find in the center of Mazer's inexplicably still beating heart.

I made this:

Tragic Relief is going to be deliciously evil and hilarious and I think you should give the man a dollar for his efforts and also just for surviving this long. You did it, Ryan!

Update 1: I just looked up what PA means. It's Latin for "tiny garbage."

Update 2: Thank you to Mike Wechsler for basically living the role of Mutilated Man.