Mister: Why are you sneezing?

Woody: We're standing next to a construction site so I'm sure I inhaled some deadly particle and I'm about to die.

1. Blazer: Zara

2. Sweater: H&M

3. Shirt: Ben Sherman

4. Tie: Vintage

5. Jeans: A.P.C.

6. Shoes: Long Yi

7. Glasses: American Apparel

Mister: Tova, why are you sneezing?

Tova: I don't know.

1. Hat:

2. Cardigan: Vintage

3. Skirt: Zara

4. Tights: Uniqlo

5. Boots: Frye

Mister: Why are you sneezing?

Patrick: The sun. It's a rods and cones thing. 

1. Shirt: Gap

2. Jeans: G-Star RAW

3. Shoes: Camper

4. Glasses: Fabulous Fanny's

Mister: Why are you sneezing Nick?

Nick: Allergies and I just picked my nose.

1. Flannel shirt: eBay

2. T-shirt: eBay

3. Jeans: eBay

4. Boots: eBay

Mister: Why aren't you sneezing?

Sumer: I can't do it! I'm trying! Sorry.

1. Sweat suit: Uniqlo

2. Shoes: Kmart

Mister: Why are you sneezing?

Brian: I pulled out a nose hair. What is everyone else saying?

1. Hoodie: American Eagle Outfitters 

2. Seersucker jacket: Jos. A. Bank clothiers

3. Jeans: Gap

4. Boots: Sketchers


Photography by Woods 

Fashion While Sneezing Part 1

Fashion While Sneezing Part I

1. Glasses: Fabulous Fanny's

2. Cardigan: The Gap

3. Coffee: The Bagel Store

4. White Tiger T-shirt: Digital Kitchen New York (R.I.P.)

5. Jeans: The Gap

6. Sneakers: Adidas

1. Dress: Charlotte Ronson

2. Boots: Anne Klein

3. Sweatshirt: American Apparel 

4. Scarf: Vintage

1. Sweatshirt: Polo

2. Jeans: A.P.C.

3. Sneaker: Adidas

4. Glasses: American Apparel 

1. Jacket: eBay

2. Bar Mitzvah chain: Grandmother

3. Jeans: eBay

1. Jacket: The Gap

2. Miguel: Mexico

3. Jeans: Urban Outfitters

4. Shoes: Vintage

1. Jacket: Bespoke London somethingorother

2. Sweater: L.L. Bean

3. Jeans: Levis 

4. Shoes: Camper

5. Glasses: Persol Transitions 

1. Sweater: Knit by Lillian Watson

2. T-shirt: Vintage

3. Jeans: The Gap

4. Shoes (not pictured): Sketchers

Photography by Woods