The Jewel of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Vans, by their very nature are creepy, but it wasn't always like that. Once upon a time, the sight of a van inspired feelings of community, family and leisure. A man with a van had it going on. Today, a van is emblematic of the very opposite. They stand for mystery, isolationism. Vagrancy. People with vans hatch nefarious plots. People with vans are private. And so we keep our distance from vans. 

Yeah. Until showed up and was like, "Where's the party? Hey, in case you wanted to know, my favorite color is pink and these dudes here are all my best friends."

And somehow it works.

The Jewel of Bushwick, Brooklyn

Some people might say Williamsburg is choking on irony but the 'Shwick may have invented the damn thing. Observe: Halo Cleaning Co. This is the perfect kind of understated signage that makes a company successful. Some places go overboard; some simply let the matte spray painted sparkle on the driver side door say, "this just-cleaned motherfucker is shiny. Let this be an example of what we can do to your home."

The Jewel of South Hackensack, NJ

Christ, Lightbulb Store! It's called chilling out. It's also called one arrow will do. It's also called I can't pull the company van into the garage on account of the giant light bulb sign bolted to the roof. It's cool. The Lightbulb Store is good people. The only thing they're guilty of is trying too hard. Has any company ever told you they'd "see ya there" when referring to their website? Actually, the more I think about it, the more I want The Lightbulb Store to be my Grandpa.