We All Scream for Green Screen

How about green screens these days, right? I've spent the last couple days at work rigging up a makeshift green screen studio for the Woodie Awards visuals. They will rock you. You know why green screen rules? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH THEM. You can eat a sandwich. In outer space! You can tap dance. In outer space! You can sit on a stool. In Mexico! There are no boundaries with a green screen behind you. Here I am exploring the vast purple landscape of MY OWN LIMITLESS IMAGINATION. Soon to be replaced by a professional dancer.

Speaking of green screen and professional dancing, check the video, playa! That's Woods, Helene, Cynthia and me destroying your face to the tune of Does it Offend You, Yeah?'s "We Are Rockstars." As another testament to the unrivaled radness of green screen's powers, we made it look like we shot this hot little number in a modest loft apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Yeah right.