You're Only As Cool as The Stuff in Your Teenage Bedroom

Remember what your bedroom in your parent's house used to look like? I mostly forgot until I found this picture in my brother's apartment. That's 18-year old Patrick willing himself to look older in front of a blue canvas for what will eventually be his first fake ID. What's amazing in this picture is not me; it's literally everything else. Here's some of the highlights:

  1. Sweet, sweet comics.
  2. Two Beanie Babies humping, I guess.
  3. Mix tapes.
  4. That's a condom. 
  5. A beer I totally drank!
  6. "Go" on VHS stolen from Easy Video.
  7. Incense.
  8. A glow-in-the-dark Phish frisbee.

I was a big follower of the TGI Fridays School of Interior Design, which stipulates all items in your possession need to be put on display by any means necessary. Nail it to the wall if you have to (Phish frisbee). I had conveniently forgotten all of that, but I remember always being really proud of my bedroom. I'm also really happy I found this because now it's totally my new ID. Doormen yield to coolness first and foremost.