Week 1 in Boston Recap

Yo, all kinds of amazing shit went down this week. Like Christmas! And Movies! And two kinds of bacon! Here's the sweet ass highlights. 

Here's a picture of Chris in his workshop / home. He's busy texting. He cooks a lot for me and has 6 tubes of toothpaste on his sink. 

This is what I see every morning when I wake up. My first night here I woke up and thought I was in Hawaii. It was really weird. Also when I was half asleep at one point I wondered whether those pipes were hot or cold for like an hour. They're cold.

Whenever I eat healthy, brown soup I can't help but feel like a commoner in the Princess Bride. Like Inigo Montoya being nursed back to health by Andre the Giant. Thanks Fezzik! (Chris)

In some bar on Christmas night. This is my "Just Saw Benjamin Button" Face. If you want to see my "Just Saw Valkyrie Face," keep looking at this picture. If you want to see my "Just Saw All of Band of Brothers Face," still keep looking at this picture. 

"Before you eat any more of that, you should know this has two different kinds of bacon. Smoked bacon and peppered bacon."

"I better take a picture of it then."

This is not the same meal as this

This is my brother's bottle opener, which is a piece of square metal tube stock with a notch sawed into it. Simple yet elegant. They're a big hit in Africa.

Other notable big deals:

  • I hate the word hubby.
  • Comedians Simon Pegg (funny) and Jimmy Fallon (not funny) are both in Band of Brothers for like a second.
  • Chris is in a Bacon-of-the-Month Club and I'm mad jealous. 
  • I get lost in Boston a lot.