There's an App for Exploding Your Mind

Technology by and large progresses at a predictable clip. Shit evolves and people's lives improve but those moments are usually tiny and well anticipated. On a sunny Thursday in 2007 for example, all the antennas on cell phones quietly disappeared. Everyone went, "hm," and that was that.

Sometimes tech will jump a step and actually surprise people. Like when gaming console controls went wireless and motion-sensitive at the same time. People were like "whoa, that's kewl." And that was that.

But sometimes technology will take an even bigger leap forward and that's when you say to yourself, "we are living in the future." Augmented Reality. Sonic Weapons. Terminator Arms. It's rare but it happens. 

Despite the lack of fanfare I just had one of those moments when I downloaded a motherfucking free-ass iPhone app that lets you take a pic of any typeface and it'll tell you what it's called. What The Font, brah. It's the Shazam of the font world. 

1. Take a pic of some words.

2. Select the area of text.

3. Check the characters.

4. Enjoy Living In The Future.

5. (optional) Accept that Heather was correct back in 4th grade and know that you are actually a dork. 

6. (optional) Prepare for graphic design nerds to get all huffy about how a good designer should be able to identify type with their eyeballs.

7. (optional) Facebook Heather and see what she is doing these days. 

8. (optional) Yo. Heather had some kids.