Death of a Playlist

Yo, I heard you like reading. Check it ouuuut

Hey wait, let me ask you. I do this weekly post at mtvU's Music Blog and now it needs a name. I don't know what to call my thing. It's about music, it's sort of picture-y and you know, totally brillz. I need to think of a name pretty quick or the peeps running the show are going to think of one for me and that'll be :(

So far these gems have been rejected:

  • The Conversationer
  • The Excellent Page
  • Plan Z
  • Delicious Thursday

Word is, they don't make any sense. So can you help me think of a name? It has to be music-related. Puns are always appreciated (i.e. String Theory, LOL of Sound, etc.). Thanks, bro. Ther.