I Forget The Question But The Answer is Woody Fu

When you're on any job, unexpected things happen. When that job is a TV show, your unexpected things tend to involve people. People get sick, people flake out, people bomb auditions. When this happens a lot there's always a fleeting temptation to use your own staff as on-camera talent. You think: "We'd be so good at this. We know exactly what needs to be said." This pretty much never happens.

Because of coincidence, fate, circumstance or divine force, my roommate Woody always ends up being in front of the camera. Out of all the producers working at Music Television, Woody is probably featured on more MTV channels than anyone else. 

MTV K (Korea)

Woody, as Cyclops, interviews Jim Lee in what would be the last bit of programming on MTV K. The channel folded and there were no more VJs so the producers stepped in. This was especially fun because I designed the packaging for the show and the Toastmaster herself, Helene, made the costumes. Check it out, Wolvie has chopstick claws and a swimming cap. Cyclops is rocking kitchen gloves. 

MTV Iggy

What's that? We need someone to do a Rock-Paper-Scissors with Slum Dog Millionaire Dev Patel on a Red Carpet? Someone get Woody over there. I don't care if he's on vacation, WE NEED HIM!


I was shooting a show called Engine Room when I overheard the producer panicking: "We need a young Asian dude who knows music and is comfortable talking in front of a camera!" Woods makes a 2-second appearance in Episode 3 as a musical guru to Team Asia Pacific. Priiiide. 

He's currently holding it down as a key member of the MTV Iggy team, where Woody sightings are abundant.