No Fear: The Unofficial Rule Book to The Official Website

Rule #1 Man the fuck up.

Rule #2 No Fear makes energy drinks now, so know that.

Rule #3 The four flavors of No Fear Energy Drink are: MOTHERLOAD, Tramp Stamp, bloodshot and SUGAR FREE.

Rule #4 The movie Hostel rules.

Rule #5 No pussies allowed.

Rule #6 If you want to Earn Some Cred, CLICK THE LINK.

Rule #7 You think there would be a thing called World Extreme Cagefighting and No Fear wouldn't be its Official Energy Drink? Fuck you. 

Rule #8 If you can't focus on this bad ass website because of all the thrash metal, you can kill it by clicking OFF down at the bottom, you baby.

Rule #9 Please wait for the next page to load.

Rule #10 No Fear also does something with trucks somehow.

Rule #11 CLICK THE LINK if you want a free sticker, bro.

Rule #12 You know what movie kicks major ass? Saw 5.

Rule #13 If you go to our merch, know that you can get a sweet ass No Fear thong for your girl. 


Rule #15 Shut up, not everyone's websites need to make sense all the time. 

Rule #16 No, more like your face doesn't have any purpose, nerd.

Rule #17 I said shut up, cuz I'll beat you to death, I swear.