Design: The Movie AKA Resonance

My brother Chris is a design strategist. Whenever he tells people that, they're like, "Awesome! What?" He's grappled with explaining his profession for years and fortunately everyone else in his company has too.


That soft velvety voice you're hearing is not me. It's Chris. But we sound the same so it's basically me. 

We made Resonance in Boston this past January and February. 

50/50 Studios. Chris and I were never more than 4 feet apart. This was his apartment two months ago and right now its empty. He's moving to Shanghai in three days to open a new office. A DESIGN STRATEGY OFFICE!

There were lots of early drafts. Graph paper was deemed too obvious, but we kept the paper theme.

Another early test. You can add all the flash you want but watching people write on a dry erase board is never interesting. 

Originally the bubbles all had words in them. Some of my favorites: "Electric Love?" "It's a Tightrope!" and "SuperCollider." 

Messy = Productive. The strip on the bottom right is one of the storyboards. 

My work station / dinner table. Also pictured: more storyboards, four computers, two scanners, the ubiquitous half-eaten chocolate bar and Grandpa.