I Think I Get Wrestling Now

I never liked pro wrestling as a kid because I just thought everyone who did it was a bad actor. But I was watching this weird street play in Union Square yesterday and thought, "Oh. Wrestling is like Superhero Vaudeville." 

You have these really clearly defined archetypes of who the bright shiny hero is and who the dark ugly villain is and the characters all sort of form themselves to the socio-political architecture of the day. Like superheroes! Bright costumes. Secret identities. Shifting allegiances. Race and Nationality were big things to play up. 

But since I don't watch wrestling - and am too lazy to do research -  I have no idea what the pros are like now. I know the format and the whole theatre of it is unchanged, but the wrestlers; who are they?


OK, no one is stepping in so I'm telling you. It's these guys.


Also do you know what kayfabe is? Fascinating!