Sometimes RuPaul Outs You on TV

LOGO just had their awards show, The New Now Next Awards a few weeks back. It was hosted by RuPaul. About a third of the way through the event, Rupaul starts talking about how adopting foreign babies is all the hotness and then she introduces her own initiative: RuPaul's Adopt-a-Gay. Cue the visual aid. 

Look closely.


Thanks, Ru. I was going to wait til I turned 30 and moved in with my BF before I made the announcement, but fuck it. I guess an untagged Facebook pic will accomplish the same thing. 

LOGO didn't actually produce this event, so someone outside the company with crackerjack PS skillz made this. Hm. I'm gonna dust for prints. If you need a little more context, you can see the clip here. Skip to 20:00. 

And yo, if you want to adopt me, let's work something out.