Happy Birthday, Mister!


Oh my God King Xerxes (OMGKX)!!! I totally forgot it's someone's birthday up in here. One year ago I bought a domain name with nothing to stick it to so I wrote a little thing about bowling and then I had a website! Mister officially had a home. Dot Net, bitch. 

Mister is the name of my company and the only reason I chose it (over such gems as Bread or Milk or Lady or Patrick Hosmer LLC) is because I figured I could truncate Mister to MR. for a logo. Mister.com was taken and bidding for heymister.com started at $6,000 so I bought heymister.net for the tasty price of $10. Then shit was officially on. 

Let's look at how Mister grew up in his first year:

Growing pains!

And that's not the only thing growing. Check out August '09 hittin' six figs like a champ! All because of you. You're the champs. 

Thank you, dearest readers and people who Google "cartoon lesbians." You guys made this a very special birthday. For... my... blog. Weird.

Also I use Squarespace for maintaining and hosting this site. They're a fantastic company.