Cheetos Thinks It Can Be Weirder Than Doritos But No One Is Weirder Than Doritos

What's up, Cheetos. I'm glad you're still in the game, keeping things wacky. Cheetos, you're the Dr. Pepper of the Chip Aisle and cheetahs are the Dr. Pepper of the Big Cat World and turd-shaped snacks are the Dr. Pepper of Snack Shapes. You gotta respect Dr. Pepper for just going out and trying real hard because Dr. Pepper is the Dr. Pepper of colas.

Anyway, Cheetos, I'm glad you're you.

And I love Jammin' Jungle Pizza Circles Cheetos as much as anyone, but did you really think they could out-crazy Radical Badical Tex-Mex iPod Doritos? Cheetah, please. 

RBT-MiD's are a special blend of Texas, Mexico and MP3-player all in a single crunchy bite. Do you know how many flavors are in a fajita alone? That's the beauty of Tex-Mex; it's two glorious cultures merged to create one exquisite taste. Add an iPod and boom. Munchy Town. 

The adults are talking, Cheetos. It's time for bed. No one flavor-negs Doritos because Doritos invented the flavor-neg.

I saw these in Greece. Along with this boat: