Queen Amidala & The Swan Queen: A Convo

QA: Greetings Swan Queen.

SQ: Hello.

QA: Forgive my haste, I have precious little time. The Trade Federation is moving to occupy my home planet of Naboo. I don't know what to do. 

SQ: Give in to seduction.

QA: What?

SQ: Embrace the end. The Raven comes for us all.

QA: Is the Raven a part of the Galactic Senate or a Separatist? I've not met him.

SQ: Do you know what I did today?

QA: I haven't the time-

SQ: I stared into a broken mirror. 

QA: ... Yes?

SQ: We never achieve perfection, Amidala, did you know that?

QA: What I seek is a diplomatic end to this embargo!

SQ: I used to think I could. Thomas, he told me I could. But he lied. All things lie. 

QA: A Jedi never lies. Especially Anakin...

SQ: Has he seduced you? Told you that you are irreplaceable? 

QA: He is a child! Wise beyond his years, but still. 

SQ: Wisdom is the cancer of art. Like a terminal illness. Taunting you. Hurting you like a mother. 

QA: Wisdom keeps the galaxy from spinning into darkness!

SQ: Why fight the darkness? Let it come to you and take you as a lover would. 

QA: Are you Sith?

SQ: Probably.