Mister Got Published in a German Book For Some Reason

Ladies and Goddamn Gentlemen, you are reading the words of a published illustrator. In Germany. In a book about Facebook.


The title translates to Status Messages: Writing in Facebook. I don't know what the rest of the text is saying but it's definitely not this

A professor named Yves Regenass emailed me saying that he found the "Facebook Tattoo" drawing in a Google search and wanted to use it in a book he and his students were writing. 

I gave him permission in exchange for a copy of the book which, now that I have it, was a pretty silly thing to ask for. Now there's only 299 copies of the first run left so grab one! They're all chilling out at The Institute for Media and Literature of the University of Hildesheim, Germany. I checked and flights are only like $500 if you book right now. 

The real reason I'm excited about this is because I've never been to Germany and I still hold a ridiculous grudge over the fact that my mom and my brother went there once and had a shit load of fun going to museums and hanging out without me. So in my two-dimensional brain, this German nerd book with this not very good drawing is the equivalent of me going to Germany. Right? Same thing. Totally the same thing. 

Hey, college roommate Coleman O'Toole who is really into Germany stuff: Come over and read this entire book and then tell me about it.