Mister Has a New Header, is Still Purple

Mister (or Hey Mister as it is sometimes called) has been doing a one-armed doggy paddle across the Internet for five years. In that time it has gone through a lot of changes. At one point I would've described this as an advertising watchdog blog. Cringe. Other times it was a portfolio for comics and motion graphics. And occasionally it was the rambling, equivocating journal of a man who uses too many parentheses (sorry). Now it's mostly illustrations and very few words. 

Who knows what it'll be next. I'm sad I missed out on Steam Punk.

Some fun Mister facts:

  • This post consistently gets the most traffic. 
  • This one consistently gets the most insane comments. Also I'm sorry.
  • This one and this one both triggered cease and desist letters, after which I did nothing and they did nothing.
  • Dunkin Donuts never sponsored Mister but because I pretended that they did for one week, they actually sent me a check for $38 and a book of coupons. I never cashed the check and the coupons expired the same week they arrived. Still. Someone over there is hilarious.
  • I publish Mister using Squarespace. They are a stellar company and I love them very much. 
  • Almost as much as I love you. Thanks for visiting!