Mister Makes a Friend

Peep this freshness: bmezine.com posted a little something sweet about my Eagles and look what the readers had to say!

Cut to me actually reading bmezine.com and realizing it stands for Body Modification E-zine. As in tats, piercings and scarification. Yes! Culture Cred! Non-irony! Oh, it feels good. Speaking of legit-ness, my friend Matt Bockelman has his project, Meet the Gardeners, up and running on the world wide web. 

First of all, Matt has the best perpetually incomplete website in the world. He literally cross-stitched a website. With thread and shit. Anyway, he produced a short series profiling different Madison Square Garden employees (they're all called Gardeners) and I designed the show open. Watch his stuff and be glad you're not a career security guard.