Sometimes You Have an Intern Named Patrick

The day I met Patrick the Intern (or P2) we were wearing the exact same shirt and when we went to shake hands, we both said "I'm Patrick" in a perfect two-part harmony. As soon as our palms touched, two cars collided outside our office. An Italian man in Times Square inexplicably began speaking German. Six virgins in what is now Istanbul simultaneously fell into a coma. Nine children in the same small town in Northern India were all struck by lightning. A newborn baby in Cairo wrote the Hebrew alphabet with her father's fountain pen. It rained blood in the Salt Flats of Utah. My Grandpa looked up from his newspaper for a reason he couldn't quite pinpoint.

It was a moment for the world.

Here's some traits shared by Patrick and Patrick:

  • Both named Patrick
  • Glasses
  • Live in the same neighborhood
  • Often wear the same shirts
  • Voted for the same guy
  • Have some family in the New England area
  • Work in same office
  • Have parents that like the name Patrick

"We don't really have that much in common." - P2

Whatever, Star Twin! Catch you later on the hyper-plane of simultaneity that is our collective consciousness!