Abandoned Chicken McNuggets Twitter a Step-by-Step Lesson In How To Fail

Final Tweet: 7:55 AM December 29, 2008. Never Forget.

Peter and Greg thought it was nothing short of brilliant to use Twitter, a tool designed for self-promotion, to advertise their client's famous Chicken McNuggets. It's web-based, it's used by their target demo, and best of all, it's free to use and maintain.

Looks good in a Power Point: An easily accessible food becomes a social agent! They just needed to give the campaign a name that vaguely suggests the food is now a phenomenon (Nuggnuts) and they're home free.

That silly question of how to actually communicate with followers (consumers) was never really addressed. 

All those URLs redirect to nuggnuts.com which is really tearing it up these days. Take a look. 

In today's "paperless office," when the VP of marketing says "shut it down," all it takes is a couple keystrokes and entire campaigns disappear. Except the 3rd party Twitters. Those stay out there, cuz fuck it.

Lesson #4. If you're going with the faux-buddy voice, you can't jump back into marketing speak. It's gross.

Lesson #17. Remember who's reading these. No one here knows who Keith Sweat is. Also, sorry, Keith Sweat. You didn't have to do this.  

Lesson #25. Your desperation is showing.

Lesson #38. You don't sound like someone who has served billions; you sound like a kid with no friends. 

Lesson #39. But don't be friends with other corporations. It makes the little people feel uncomfortable. 

Lesson #46. Never, ever do this again.

Yo, Nuggnuts had 309 followers? Yes and no. That's more like a count of the number of people in the McDonald's marketing and ad sales departments who Twitter. Who Nuggnuts was following, I haven't the foggiest. 

Hopefully at this point, companies are realizing that social media isn't an effective way to advertise. Geico found that out real fast. With one single tweet to its name, GeicoMoney went gentle into that good night of failed marketing, never to return.

Go on, tip your 40s. Try and find him now, and this is all that remains.